The Best Virtual Pet Mobile Games


The Best Virtual Pet Mobile Games


Looking after pets in real life can be a lot of work. You have to clean, feed, and play with them to make sure they are happy and safe, and that is a big responsibility. If you don’t have a real pet, you might want to look after a virtual one on your mobile device. Not only will your new best bud be with you at all times, but you can even look after creatures you can’t in real life, like Pokemon.


Pocket Pup

This app takes a different route to the usual digital pet games. Instead of simply cleaning and taking care of your puppy, you also complete challenges to teach it new tricks before assembling a 20-page storybook about your new pal to share with your friends.


Little Pet Salon

Anyone who have ever been on the internet knows that everyone loves animals dressed up in silly costumes. Most pets don’t really like dressing up, but these virtual ones sure do. Little Pet Salon lets you embarrass the animals and share pics with the world.


Pokemon GO

Ever wanted to be the very best like no one ever was? Pokemon GO gives you the opportunity to become a real-life pocket monster trainer. Here, catching Pokemon is your real test and training them is your cause. The app uses augmented reality to place Pokemon in the real world, so you can quite literally travel across the land, searching far and wide to complete your Pokedex. Find your favourite Pokemon, train, and nurture them, and become the greatest trainer ever.


Pocket Frogs – Free Pet Farming

A popular mobile virtual pet game, you guide a tadpole into adulthood and command a legion of frogs. Trade with friends and try to fill your Frogidex with all 35,000 unique frog species.


My Talking Tom

Adopt an adorable kitten and help it grow into a mischievous cat in My Talking Tom. Play mini-games, record videos of your cat’s capers, and customise it with over 1,000 items of fur and clothing. A real cat would never let you dress it up, so seize this opportunity.


Tamagotchi Classic

Tamagotchi is one of the all-time classics. Mention virtual pets to anyone over the age of 30 and they will fondly recall the nineties Tamagotchi key chains. They let you feed, care, and clean up after your own unique pet. And the experience has been perfectly preserved in Tamagotchi Classic. It is as fun as it ever was, making it a simple and endlessly playable game that demonstrates just why this type of game was so popular two decades ago.


Neko Atsume

Do you love cats but hate finding fur all over the place? In Neko Atsume, fill your garden with beautiful creatures and keep them happy so that they will stay. It is a simple management game, but it is difficult to put down once you start.


Rabbit Evolution

Real rabbits might be cute and cuddly, but they are nowhere near as exciting as mutant rabbits. In Rabbit Evolution, you care for tiny rabbits, use them to win coins, and use science to play with their genetics until you discover all 30 variants.


My Horse

Horses make special pets, but they are pretty expensive. Thankfully you now no longer need stable space to own one – just enough storage space to download the My Horse app. Groom your own horse, enter it into competitions, and open a small window into the world of a real-life horse owner.


Fish Farm

Are you looking for a virtual pet game that is all the fun of having a new digital friend but requires virtually zero maintenance? Then you should get yourself one of these gorgeous 3-D aquarium experiences. Fish Farm lets you tend to an array of tropical fish. The concept is simple and the experience is relaxing.


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