Apex Legends Loot & Cosmetics


Apex Legends Loot & Cosmetics


Customisation is what keeps Apex Legends going. It is one thing to win a match, but it is another to have some great loot to show off. There is nothing like being the Champion and having your personalised banner hanging all over the map. Here is how to find the rarest items and make them your own.


Many items in the game come in different rarities and you will need to know these terms very well in order to gauge what you should pick up. Fortunately, they are colour-coded so you can tell, even at a distance, when an item is worth picking up.


Common: White

Rare: Blue

Epic: Purple

Legendary: Gold

Again remember – always go for the gold. Legendary items, whether they be weapons like the Kraber shotgun, or even scopes like the Digital Threat, are almost always worth your time.


Certain Legendary weapons can only be found through supply drops. You will be told by one of your characters when a supply drop is about to occur, and you will see a supply pod hurtle towards the ground. Each drop contains three pieces of loot and it is the only place you will find the Mastiff shotgun or Kraber .50 CAL sniper rifle, two weapons that come fully-kitted and ready to knock the most armoured of enemies with just a shot or two.


You will also want to show off your weapon skins. You can earn these in weapon packs, and whenever you pick up a weapon from the map it will automatically be fitted with your equipped skin. Other players can see what weapons you use and if you drop a weapon anyone who picks it up will see the skin you were using. The reverse always happens and is a nice way of checking out some of the fancier weapon skins without buying them.


Apex Packs

Apex Packs are what will keep you playing Apex Legends. While you have access to every weapon and item in the game besides the locked characters, you start off with very plain-looking items. Custom skins offer a chance to make the game truly yours and there are tons of different types to acquire.


Apex Packs look like the Loot Ticks you can find throughout the game and offer you ways to customise your characters and weapons. Apex Packs give you three items per pack, each consisting of these cosmetic items:

  • Weapon Skins – Cosmetic skins that modify a weapon’s look.
  • Legend Skins – Cosmetic outfits that modify a Legend’s look.
  • Legend Finishers – Variant animations for executing a knocked down player.
  • Banner Frames – Changes the frame of a Legend’s banner, sometimes adding animations.
  • Banner Poses – Changes the pose of a Legend is performing in their banner.
  • Banner Stat Trackers – A stat tracker used to boast things like your Level, Number of Kills, etc.
  • Intro Quips – Changes the line of dialogue a Legend says during their intro.
  • Kill Quips – Snippets of dialogue that Legends say whenever they make a kill.
  • Crafting Metals – Another currency that allows you to buy specific items.


Each item is sorted into a different rarity, with the Legendary ones the most desirable. They offer animated banners and skins and are great for showing off your character. Here is the possibility of getting something greater than Common with a standard Apex Pack:

  • 100% - Rare Item or Better
  • 24.8% - Epic or Better
  • 7.4% - Legendary


As you see you are guaranteed at least one Rare item per pack, but Legendary ones are hard to come by. Thankfully there is a system in place where you can’t open more than 30 packs without getting at least one Legendary item so even the unluckiest person in the world is guaranteed at least a few Apex Packs don’t give you duplicates, so you will always get new stuff.


You will earn by levelling up, although it gets harder the higher your level. You will earn 45 packs up to Level 100, but the rate changes:

  • Level 1-21 – One pack every level
  • Level 22-51 – One pack every two levels
  • Level 52-100 – One pack every five levels


Alternatively, you can just buy them with digital cash. One Apex Pack can be purchased for 100 Apex Coins (about 99p), while 10 Apex Packs cost 1,000 Apex Coins (£7.99). Whether that is worth the money is something only you can answer – just know that there is no gameplay benefit whatsoever to owning these different skins. It is purely for bragging rights and to feel ownership over your main.


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